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Enjoy the bast of Bali with us

Coco Bali Coffee


Bali Red Rice Tea Powder

Bali Red Rice Tea

Compositions : 100% Organic red rice

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• Available from 1kg

• (100gr for gifts packages) min order 50 packets. Include : paper bag, sticker company logo or name


Sugar free available !!!


Serving Directions :

Put some Red Rice, pour some hot water, stir well, wait until 3-5 minutes and ready to drinks


Red Rice Tea is a beverage brewed herbal-based skin cracked brown rice, red rice that is obtained after grain milled without undergoing the process sosoh or slippage. Using brown rice production areas Jatiluwih - Bali, Bala Bali Rice Red Tea is naturally processed and traditionally, do not use preservatives or harmful chemicals. Red Rice Tea BalaBali combined with pure ginger for flavor and vacuum packed to maintain the quality and durability of the product from contamination of air, germs, or bacteria.

The Benefits of Red Rice Tea :

Brown rice should be benefit-rich, brown rice tea also has a variety of benefits and advantages such as :

  1. Nutrisi contained in brown rice well to diet and digestion, lowers cholesterol, increases stamina, prevent diabetes, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

  2. Vacuum Packed, packaged immediately after processing in vacuum or air-tight, making it durable for uncontaminated air.

  3. Instan, you just brew it. Get the benefits of brown rice to cook conventionally require a relatively longer time.



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