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About red Rice Tea

Benefits red rice tea :

  1. Bali Organic Red Rice Tea is naturally and hygienically processed under the procedures for traditional Balinese culture combined with modern technology so as to produce a sense of truly natural and healthy and safe for consumed.

  2. Bali Organic Red Tea made based on the choice of high quality rice to produce rice that actually provide the best benefits for those who consume them.

  3. Bali Organic Red Rice Tea is grown and produced organically using organic fertilizers, free from chemicals, resulting tea tastes really natural and very safe and healthy to eat.

  4. Balinese Red Tea Organic Rice in the manufacturing process is also integrated with various spices produces a very fragrant aroma so you'll be tempted to mennyeruputnya many times because of a very delicious flavor sensation.

  5. Steeping tea dregs of Bali Organic Red Rice can also be eaten directly or used again when you cook rice. Mix pulp that has been washed clean with rice that has you wash, then stirred evenly.

  6. Tanak as usual. That way you do not waste as well as get the maximum benefit from Bali Tea Organic Red Rice. Rice that you eat will also be more healthful and flavorful savory fresh and fragrant.

  7. With its content rich in minerals and protein, brown rice generally can prevent various diseases such as colon cancer, kidney stones, beri-beri, insomnia, constipation, hemorrhoids, blood sugar (diabetes), cholesterol, blocked arteries (atherosclerosis), smooth bowel movements, indigestion, asthma keakutan lowering, inhibiting free radicals trigger cancer, anemia.



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