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About red Rice Tea

Rosella flower itself contains 260-280 mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, B1 and B2 in every 100 gram. Rosella tea itself contains calcium that is so high around 486 mg / 100 gr. It also contains Magnesium, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium, Beta & Acids Essential Caroteen. Looking at the ingredients it already looks so great benefits to be gained.

Benefits of rosella tea :

1. The first benefit is to Increase Stamina and endurance

2. Rosella flowers are detoxification (neutralizing poison)

3. Lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid and body cholesterol

4. By drinking roselle tea can also treat a cough, canker sores and sore throats.

5. Capable of reducing migrane headache.

6. Red Rosella can smooth the skin and reduce wrinkled.

7. Creating a slender body being able to lose weight. Must have been very beneficial for you women. 8. 8. And enough of this tea.

9. Especially for the children because it contains OMEGA3 rosella flowers, it can spur the growth of DHA.

10. Incredibly red rosella flowers can also help the addicts. For example smokers nicotine can reduce negative impacts. Or beneficial for reducing dependence on drugs

11. And many more other benefits to be gained from this red tea.

many countries where people already feel the benefits of good red rosella were made into tea or other beverage...


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