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Enjoy the bast of Bali with us

Coco Bali Coffee


Bali Turmeric Tea

Bali Turmeric Tea

Compositions : Extract Turmeric Powder, Honey, Cinammon, sugar

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• Available from 1kg

• (100gr for gifts packages) min order 50 packets. Include : paper bag, sticker company logo or name


Sugar free available !!!


Serving Directions :

Put 1 tea spoon of Bali Turmeric tea powder in to the cup, pour some hot water, stir wel until 30 seconds, wait until the powder go down and ready to drinks

Turmeric is known as a food supplement that has a distinctive taste and color. Not only used as a spice in the kitchen, people often use it to overcome various health conditions.

Turmeric has a chemical compound called curcumin. The yellow coloring agent is thought to be able to help the healing process in the body. Here are some of the benefits that might be obtained from turmeric.


Various benefits of turmeric for health :

  1. Relieve inflammation. ...

  2. Treat ulcers

  3. Deflating flatulence

  4. Relieves symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  5. Reduces nausea

  6. Relieves menstrual pain

  7. Lose weight

  8. Control blood sugar and more...





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